Mingle Place by The Park is located in the historical heritage district of Wanchai, in a half-century-old vintage 1960's "balcony" style "Tong Lau" residential building — typical architecture for the period.

It is the Mingle Place Group's attempt to bring you back in time to the old colonial days of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong today is different from "the old days", and we have a strong aspiration to show you what we remember, experienced, knew and saw in our early lives, which we all treasure and hope to share.

The building itself is a historical building more than 50 years old, and we try our best to retain everything original. We operate this hotel for one purpose, and that is to enable you to learn more about historical Hong Kong and to experience the lives of people in early 1960's. We treasure your experience very much and we welcome any suggestions to make your stay even more unique, enjoyable, and memorable.
名樂居 By The Park 位於香港的重要歷史保育區域:灣仔,座立在一棟半世紀前興建、六十年代的香港特式建築「唐樓」內。


名乐居 By The Park 位於香港的重要历史保育区域:湾仔,座立在一栋半世纪前兴建、六十年代的香港特式建築「唐楼」内。


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Historical Wanchai