Mingle Place by The Park is designed to bring you back to 1960's old Hong Kong and let you live in a classical "Tong Lau" (literally "Chinese Residential Building").

The staircase is original and has restored 1960s-style floor tiles. The raw concrete walls were kept as is, as well as the original stone railings. As we tried to alter as little of this historical building as possible, there is therefore no lift.

The utensils in every room are as close to the original as possible — traditional Chinese calendar with almanac, mechanical alarm clock, spittoon, 60's hair dryer, old Chinese style cups, teapot and mug, classical telephone set etc.
名樂居 By The Park 把您帶回到六十年代的老香港,讓您重温香港特色「唐樓」的風味。


名乐居 By The Park 把您带回到六十年代的老香港,让您重温香港特色「唐楼」的风味。


Each floor is named after seasonal flowers, represented by the wallpaper and Chinese paintings in the hallway

Items typical of the 1960's are placed in the rooms on each floor — photos, antiques and collectables



The staircase is a "time tunnel" gallery showing pictures, photos and artworks from the early years of Hong Kong, 1960's and today

The Business Centre is in the setting of a typical family living room in 1960's décor with refreshments, cleaning tools, desk with traditional Chinese abacus, pencils and exercise books, Chinese calligraphy pads, Chinese ink and brushes and, in contrast, high-tech wireless notebook PC's for guest usage.

The Reception front desk has the design of a traditional Chinese Drug Store.