Living like it was in the 1960's does not mean that you have to do without the conveniences of modern, 21st century technologies.

As long as the high technology is nicely tucked out of the way and does not interfere with your authentic old-Hong Kong experience, that is...

Mingle by The Park serves with a unique, high-tech Intelligent Hotel System (IHS) from Intexact, the definitive intelligent building experts. Everything is just at your fingertips, streamed directly to your TV set.

... 只要這些高端科技是隱藏不見的,它並不影響您的香港歷史體驗。

世界智能屋宇權威 Intexact 公司特別為 名樂居 By The Park 設計了一套完善的智能酒店系統。一切的高端功能都可直接在客房中的電視機上體現。

... 只要这些高端科技是隐藏不见的,它并不影响您的香港历史体验。

世界智能屋宇权威 Intexact 公司特别为 名乐居 By The Park 设计了一套完善的智能酒店系统。一切的高端功能都可直接在客房中的电视机上体现。
A comprehensive and FREE audio/video library allows you to enjoy a full selection of music and movie entertainment. Should you prefer your own collections, take advantage of the DVD player included in each room, or iPod/PC audio jacks on the wall. You can even listen to FREE world-wide web-radio broadcasts from your home town!
智能酒店系統讓您享受源源不絕的音樂和電影娛樂。您也隨時可以透過 DVD 播放機觀看您自己的光碟,或把 iPod 或筆記本電腦接到電視上收聽。甚至收聽您家鄉的網上電台廣播,也是一按即是!
智能酒店系统让您享受源源不绝的音乐和电影娱乐。您也随时可以透过 DVD 播放机观看您自己的光碟,或把 iPod 或笔记本计算机接到电视上收听。甚至收听您家乡的网上电台广播,也是一按即是!
The in-room Intelligent Hotel System can easily satisfy all your needs, such as checking your bill, wake-up calls, or reading messages. And of course every room is equipped with high-speed broadband Internet connections plus full Wi-Fi access for those with wireless-equipped devices.

Because we know that Hong Kong has changed, and although you are living as it was in the 1960's, and you shouldn't expect to do without the conveniences of Hong Kong in the 21st century!
當然,不能或缺的是每間客房內都設有免費的極速寬頻與高速 Wi-Fi 無線上網服務!
当然,不能或缺的是每间客房内都设有免费的极速宽带与高速 Wi-Fi 无线上网服务!