!!! Start with a Great Cup of Coffee !!!

For a refreshing breakfast, a quick lunch bite or a relaxing afternoon tea, 'Soft Aroma' on the Ground Floor is your ideal choice.

Coffee lovers can also experience the distinct flavours of a wide range of speciality coffees form across the world. Beans are roasted and ground fresh every day to ensure every cup is of the highest quality!

Words are simply at a loss here. Order a cup
and try for yourself! You will then understand
why it is considered one of
"The Best Coffee in Central"!


要享用新鮮早餐、簡便午餐和輕鬆的下午茶,酒店大堂側的 Soft Aroma 是理想的選擇。



要享用新鲜早歺、简便午歺和轻松的下午茶,酒店大堂侧的 Soft Aroma 是理想的选择。