Mingle With The Star serves with a unique, high-tech Intelligent Hotel System (IHS) from Intexact, the definitive intelligent building experts.

Everything is just at your fingertips, streamed directly to the high-definition digital LCD TV and over the high-powered 5.1-channel surround sound system inside your hotel room.

The lights, climate control and all audio/visual features in the room can be similarly controlled via an easy-to-use interface on the TV.
世界智能屋宇權威 Intexact 公司特別為 名樂居 With The Star 設計了一套完善的智能酒店系統。

一切的高端功能都可直接在客房中的電視及 5.1 聲道環迴立體聲音響系統上體現。燈光、空調以及所有影音功能都可以透過簡單易用的電視介面中控制。
世界智能屋宇权威 Intexact 公司特别为 名乐居 With The Star 设计了一套完善的智能酒店系统。

一切的高端功能都可直接在客房中的电视及 5.1 声道环迴立体声音响系统上体现。灯光、空调以及所有影音功能都可以透过简单易用的电视介面中控制。
The in-room Intelligent Hotel System can easily satisfy all your needs such as room service, billing, wake-up calls or reading messages. And of course every room is equipped with high-speed broadband connections plus full high-speed Wi-Fi access for those with wireless-equipped devices.
智能酒店系統可以輕易滿足您的需要,包括餐飲服務、响鬧提示、 結帳及個人信息均透過螢幕一目了然。當然,不能或缺的是每間房內都設有高速寬頻以及 Wi-Fi 無線上網。
智能酒店系统可以轻易满足您的需要,包括餐饮服务、响闹提示、 结帐及个人信息均透过萤幕一目了然。当然,不能或缺的是每间房内都设有高速宽带以及 Wi-Fi 无线上网。
An immersive 5.1-channel surround-sound audio system allows you to enjoy a full selection of movie entertainment.

Because we know that the world has changed, and you shouldn't expect anything less from us.
完美的 5.1 聲道環迴立體聲音響系統讓您享受源源不絕的電影娛樂。

完美的 5.1 声道环迴立体声音响系统让您享受源源不绝的电影娱乐。

Intelligent Hotel System (IHS)
Intelligent Hotel System (IHS)
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