Mingle Place With the Star is our attempt to present you with the fusion of a hotel room and a mobile office. Each room in the hotel can be flexibly turned into various forms and layouts according to your desired usages — usually at a moment's notice.

These fusion hotel/office rooms (or "HOFF" rooms as we affectionately call them) incorporate the latest in technology, turning them into a unified space for working, meeting, dining, entertaining and resting.
名樂居 With The Star 是家有創意的酒店,主題是酒店住宿與移動辦公室的融合。 每個房間都能在最短的時間內,靈活地轉變成為您想要的擺設及模式, 例如:團隊工作坊(包含工作桌及會討論間)、行政辦公室、視像會議廳、 多用途會議室、娛樂室、或是重新變回酒店房間作晚上住宿。

這些多用途、多功能、靈活百變的房間我們親切地叫作 「HOFF」,即是 「Hotel」 及 「Office」 的融合。 房內包含了最先進的科技,使它們成為獨一無二的、超越時代的綜合式空間。
名乐居 With The Star 是家有创意的酒店,主题是酒店住宿与移动办公室的融合。 每个房间都能在最短的时间内,灵活地转变成为您想要的摆设及模式, 例如:团队工作坊(包含工作桌及会讨论间)、行政办公室、视像会议厅、 多用途会议室、娱乐室、或是重新变回酒店房间作晚上住宿。

这些多用途、多功能、灵活百变的房间我们亲切地叫作 「HOFF」,即是 「Hotel」 及 「Office」 的融合。 房内包含了最先进的科技,使它们成为独一无二的、超越时代的综合式空间。
For example, each room can be easily converted into a Group Working Area (complete with a work bench and a meeting area), an Executive Office, a video conferencing centre, a multi-purpose meeting room, a games room, or back to a hotel room for the night.
To add to our futuristic idea, we present options and features for each room — tailor-made for the business traveller on the road — that you won't easily find in other hotels. Come and discover them yourself!
Designed for flexibility!
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