Mingle Place At The Eden is your perfect getaway in bustling Central. Discretely located in a quiet side street, it is nevertheless only minutes' walk from any Central location. There is simply no better place to sneak out and get refreshed for a few hours during the day.

It is also the perfect hide-out spot after a long and satisfying night hitting the numerous bars and restaurants in Lan Kwai Fong and SOHO, also just mintutes' walk away.

The Eden rents by two-hour or three-hour blocks, and there is an attractive overnight package (after 1am) for the late bar-goers.
名樂居 At The Eden (伊甸園) 座落於中環的一條安靜後街,與中環主要的地點都只是數分鐘的步行距離,是您日間忙裏偷閒的理想休閑安樂窩。

酒巴餐廳林立的「蘭桂坊」及「蘇豪區」亦近在咫尺 (數分鐘步行距離),酒後休歇堪稱完美。

The Eden (伊甸園) 提供時租房間服務 (兩小時或三小時),零晨一時後提供 overnight 住宿。
名乐居 At The Eden (伊甸园) 座落於中环的一条安静後街,与中环主要的地点都只是数分钟的步行距离,是您日间忙裏偷閒的理想休闲安乐窝。

酒巴餐厅林立的「兰桂坊」及「苏豪区」亦近在咫尺 (数分钟步行距离),酒後休歇堪称完美。

The Eden (伊甸园) 提供时租房间服务 (两小时或叁小时),零晨一时後提供 overnight 住宿。
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